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How vital is your brand?

Incredibly - it makes or breaks your business. How much would Coca-Cola be worth without their brand? About half of it's current value.


Continuity is the key!

Stick to the rules, once another designer or printer has made a small change to the shape of your logo your brand is on a slippery slope downwards.


The next person might change the colour slightly, position an element of the logo slightly differently.


These minor changes WILL result in the logo & brand's integrity being eroded.

Remember NEVER BASH YOUR BRAND or let anyone else do it either. Leave everyone feeling good about you and your brand.


We will always have minor problems. Sort these problems quickly, leaving everyone still loving what you do!



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Rhino Greenhouses

Your brand.

A vital part of your business!

We just love to get our clients brand up and running and then assist and maintain standards. Advising on how they can proceed and build on what we've started. We are sticklers for details and might be accused of being over the top but we really know what it's like to have success from the brand we create!

Do you need Brand Guidelines?

A brand guidelines document is like an instruction manual for your freshly baked logo, it tells the clients how it should be used and what best practices should be considered. For instance, the document might include details on what minimum dimensions the logo works at before becoming illegible, which version of the logo should be used on dark backgrounds and when it’s best to use the mono version. It might also include a section stating that the logo shouldn’t be squashed, stretched or the colours altered.


The document might also contain details on the colour swatches used, in RGB, CMYK and Pantone formats, and what fonts were used in the design.


Your brand is an important asset.

So, what is this 'brand' thing?

A brand is the sum of all feelings, thoughts and recognitions – positive and negative – that people in the target audience have about a company, a product or service.

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