Wedding Stationery

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

I first met Jim at a Business Breakfast networking meeting and we immediately hit it off, I loved his sense of humour and he has a genuine enthusiasm and passion for his profession. We talked about his career and that he had photographed numerous weddings, being recognised with many awards for his photographic projects.

Our first print work together was an unusual twist on the usual presentation of wedding photographs. By Incorporating a number of shots from the day and evening combined into a folded business card sized concertina, Jim was able to create a new twist on the Thank You card many couples like to send after the wedding. These have proved very popular with his clients and we regularly print off sets of these cards for Jim to provide his customers with.

When the pandemic hit both of our businesses were impacted upon dramatically, with Weddings ceasing to be possible this impacted on Jim’s photography assignments and also the part of our business that deals with bespoke luxury wedding stationery.

We both decided to act swiftly and in Jim’s case he actually had time to renovate a building into a studio to full-fill his passion to photograph dawg. As a dawg owner all his life it was the perfect time to build the studio and be different from the rest and offer a high class dog portrait service at affordable prices.

For this we helped create an A5 roll fold voucher and information leaflet on a premium heavyweight card, featuring some awesome photographs Jim had taken of his initial canine models.

Please check out Jim and his work at


What The World Needs Now… A story of eco friendly printing…

During the early months of the global pandemic my business, which specialises in bespoke printing solutions, saw enquiries fall to worryingly low levels as the world around us changed and endured the pressures of Covid.


Not being one to feel sorry for myself I wanted to keep busy and work on areas of the business that in normal times, can be hard to create the time to fully concentrate on. With that in mind I took some advice from one of our customers, , who specialise in digital marketing and social media training. I signed up for a course centred around Linkedin and how to use it more effectively to make strong business connections.


One of the best pieces of advice was to reconsider my profile title on Linkedin and that I should broaden it out from “MD” to Paper Consultant & ECO Specialist Printer, in order to reflect my 30 year career in the industry and enable people to find me if that was the area of help they were seeking.


Well, it certainly worked!


Within days I had been contacted by a lady called Tracey Stewart from, who was searching for the right printing company to collaborate with author Cheryl Rosebush on a series of environmentally themed educational story books for children. This quickly led to a zoom meeting, as so many are these days are of course although Cheryl was in France so it was very much a necessity in this case.


It was clear from the beginning of our working relationship together that we both shared the same views on how a series of books, covering the subject matters close to Cheryl’s heart, needed to be produced. Print, when managed correctly, is an extremely eco friendly manufacturing process and it was nice to be working with a client who was so keen to explore all these options.


Calling on many years of experience in the Paper side of the industry prior to owning Dynamic Print, we were able to bring together a series of collaborations. This ensured the Paper Mill, Paper Merchant, Paper, Inks, Printing and every aspect of the production process, including vegetable based inks and bio degradable lamination for the covers, maintained the highest eco standards as possible.


We were even able to ensure donations were made, via our supply chain, to the World Land Trust and Woodland Trust to contribute towards ongoing tree planting programmes.


A special mention to our key partners in this project are Julian and Chris @ and Ernst Brunbauer from and Martin Chadwick from Premier Paper ..


After a year of working together, I have been able to help Cheryl produce the first three books in her environmental children’s book series, adhering to the highest standards of eco-printing. Her first book “What the World Needs Now: Trees!” has been endorsed by none other than Dr. Jane Goodall, and the newly released third book “What the World Needs Now: Less Plastic!” has received glowing reviews in the UK, including from Marine Conservation Society Ambassador and acclaimed BBC wildlife cameraman Doug Allan.


When you touch and read these books it is clear they ‘walk the talk’ and I’m so proud to be a part of it. They are playing a vital role in helping to educate our younger generation about the increasingly impactful environmental pressures the planet is under.


All books in the What the World Needs Now series are available on: (UK) (USA) (Canada)


For any further information regarding the ways in which print can be created with the highest eco sustainability credentials, please contact us at



Brochure, Booklet & Book Printing

We really enjoy helping bring our customers ideas together and printing different companies brochures. To work with fantastic photography, high end text and layouts brings a smile to our faces.

If your design is ready to print we can help you decide on the right papers to complement your brand and advise on recycled elements or finishing touches such as hot foiling. We can also help you decide on the best binding method which may be saddle stitched or pur bound depending on the page count and materials used.

From novel types of papers to foil printed covers or embossed logos, we will help you create engaging content with thoughtful layouts and ideas. Your brochures will get noticed and assist you with growing your business.

A brochure or booklet is an important ‘shop window’ for your clients and for you to tell them what you do. With lock down restrictions lifting in the future you can re visit your customers and show them your new brochure, which will re-invigorate your customers minds to use you and your products.

Send us your concept, give us a brief and let us spin our magic and come up with some new angles. We’ll help you stand out from your competition.

With over 30 years worth of paper & print knowledge we know the potential pitfalls. We understand various techniques that will enhance your job including die-cutting, laminating, UV varnishing, foil printing, gluing and binding. We can help you make it the best it can be!

When it comes to paperback versus hard back there are pros and cons to both types of cover style, many of which we have summarised below:


Paper Back


  • Distribution is easier due to size and in turn more cost effective per copy.
  • If Production price is a factor they win out over hardbacks in this respect.
  • Hard wearing, as they flex and can withstand a level of abuse.
  • Easy for the reader to handle and transport with them due to reduced weight and size.
  • Easily recycled along with other paper.


  • May damage and shown signs of wear and tear depending on how they are used.
  • The competitive nature of the production costs may mean you are able to command a lower selling price than a hard back, given the nature of the market.

Hard Back


  • Durability is high given the protection the hard cover affords the pages.
  • Premium feel and a higher price point can be achieved.
  • They are nice to keep and people like to retain them for many years.


  • Price, it can be a factor as the cost involved in production require a higher selling margin for the book to be profitable.
  • The weight can put people off, especially if they are prone to falling asleep reading in bed and being woken by a book hitting the bridge of their nose!
  • Distribution costs can be high given the weight of the book.
  • Lead times are longer due to the complexity of production compared to a paper back.
  • If you need any advice on your book project and the types of papers and binding methods that would suit best, get in touch and we can help you.
Anything can happen! We helped Jenni Neil with her book printing and now she’s stocked in Waterstones!

WINNER OF Three Best Rated Print companies – Local to Norwich

Top 3 Best rated look for the top 3 “local to your area” tradesmen’s, professionals, restaurants, and health care providers, etc They have a panel of judges who then each year go through a very strict questionnaire of over 50 different questions to rate that individual business. Some of the questions will include including reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, reviews and excellence.

We are so proud to announce we have now won this award 3 years in a row .. and we will continue to work to our highest standard as possible in hope we can win this for a 4th year 😊



Dynamic – The Candle Brand

Back in 2018 Christina came in and visited us at Dynamic, she had started an idea of making her own candles and was looking initially for sturdy boxes.  During the conversations we showed her the idea of the seed paper but at the moment in time Christina had to focus on the boxes however,  the idea was “sown” into her mind.


10 months later Christina revisited us and wanted to use the seed labels as part of “upselling” her candles, “ customers can burn the candles and then upcycle the label by planting it in the empty candle bottle and to grow wild flowers.


3 years on and Christina has won various awards from Gift of the Year to Buy Local and  is now one of our biggest customers using the seed paper and in recent weeks we have entered a few competitions showcasing her products. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that we will both be winners 😊


Go and check out The Candle Brand and take a look through some of her amazing candles and products.


Vellum & Translucent Wedding Invitations

Vellum invitations are so popular right now, and we can understand why, this beautiful semi translucent paper gives a touch of glass to any wedding suite whether it is using it as a vellum jacket or a belly band, the main invite or just an overlay.

Vellum is so versatile and can create the extra “luxe” feel that you want when designing your invitations that gives a softness, looks super chic and will give a great first impression.

Vellum is also known as tracing paper or translucent paper and comes in a variety of weights from 110gsm to 200gsm.

Simple stationery can be enhanced with the addition of a vellum overlay, each wedding invitation suite can be wrapped with a vellum & with a block lettering design this can really finish your suite off beautifully.

For more information contact us at


Hot Foil Printing, Embossing or Debossing?

Every day people say they want foil embossing but often they really mean hot foiling. The image below gives you a quick look at the differences.

Hot Foiling: The foil is pressed very slightly into the face of the substrate.
Embossing: This can be either with foil or without (blind) and the artwork is pushed up from the substrate to give a raised finish.
Debossing: Best effects are achieved blind (no foil) and the image is pushed heavily down (deeper than hot foiling) into the surface.


On of the best ways to use Hot Foil printing is to use it to enhance traditional litho print or digital print. It can work best if you try to use as an accent rather than covering the job and using foil everywhere. That being said it is often only the imagination of the designer that limits what we can achieve with these processes and we have hot foiled some amazing pieces that have worked just as well full foil as a mix of foil and print.

Dynamic Print have been foil printing in Norwich since 1990. We foil print for the trade and end users. Foil printing is the best way to enhance both litho and digital printing if you want to raise the bar and stand out from others and your competition.


Fancy a morning learning the tricks of the trade of digital printing, hot foiling, embossing, debossing and die cutting? When things are back to normal we will be offering monthly work shops on how to do just that. Using technology dating backs to the 1950’s we can show you how to hot foil – emboss – die cut and deboss why not email us on for more details or call 01603 400040


VAT & PRINTING. When is it chargeable and when is it not?

Value Added Tax & Printing. When is it chargeable and when is it not? 

VAT rules relating to Print are a little complex at first glance, although the matter becomes clearer when checked against the HMRC guidelines.

Broadly speaking any printed items which are made to be written on have VAT applied at the standard rate. For example stationery, greetings cards or postcards.

If the items are promotional or information based they will often be zero rated for VAT. Examples of these products would be books, brochures and leaflets & flyers. Although leaflets & flyers are one of the tricky items, as they can under certain conditions move from zero rated to standard rated for VAT.

If a leaflet or flyer is designed to be written on, used to obtain a discount for goods or services or for admission purposes it will become standard rated for VAT.

Based upon the current information from HMRC we have put together a simplified guide version.

As always with VAT, if in doubt it makes sense to check the up to date position on the HMRC website. Or if you have a specific or unusual VAT question relating to your print requirements with Dynamic we will be happy to answer this for you.

Item Liability
Acceptance cards Standard-rated
Account Books Standard-rated
Accounts (fully printed) Zero-rated
Address books Standard-rated
Advertising leaflets Zero-rated
Albums Standard-rated
Announcement cards Standard-rated
Annuals Zero-rated
Appointment cards Standard-rated
Badges Standard-rated
Bags, paper Standard-rated
Ballot papers Standard-rated
Bibliographies Zero-rated
Bingo cards Standard-rated
Blotters Standard-rated
Book covers Standard-rated
Book marks Standard-rated
Book tokens Standard-rated
Booklets Zero-rated
Books Zero-rated
Brochures Zero-rated
Bulletins Zero-rated
Business cards Standard-rated
Calendars Standard-rated
Catalogues Zero-rated
Certificates Standard-rated
Circulars Zero-rated
Cloakroom tickets Standard-rated
Colour cards Standard-rated
Colouring books (children’s) Zero-rated
Comics Zero-rated
Compliment slips Standard-rated
Correspondence cards Standard-rated
Coupons Standard-rated
Crossword books Zero-rated
Delivery notes Standard-rated
Engineers’ plans Standard-rated
Envelopes Standard-rated
Exercise books Standard-rated
Flash cards Standard-rated
Folders Standard-rated
Football programmes Zero-rated
Forms Standard-rated
Games Standard-rated
Greetings cards Standard-rated
Index cards Standard-rated
Instruction manuals Zero-rated
Invitations Standard-rated
Invoices Standard-rated
Journals Zero-rated
Labels Standard-rated
Leaflets Zero-rated
Letter headings Standard-rated
Log books (blank) Standard-rated
Loose leaf books Zero-rated
Lottery tickets and cards Standard-rated
Magazines Zero-rated
Mail order catalogues Zero-rated
Manuals Zero-rated
Maps Zero-rated
Membership cards Standard-rated
Memo pads Standard-rated
Memorial cards Standard-rated
Menu cards Standard-rated
Newspapers Zero-rated
Note books, pads and paper Standard-rated
Order books and forms Standard-rated
Orders of Service Zero-rated
Painting books (children’s) Zero-rated
Pamphlets Zero-rated
Paper, unprinted Standard-rated
Photograph albums Standard-rated
Photographs Standard-rated
Picture books Zero-rated
Playing cards Standard-rated
Postcards Standard-rated
Poster magazines Zero-rated
Posters Standard-rated
Prayer books Zero-rated
Price cards and tags Standard-rated
Price lists Zero-rated
Printed pictures Standard-rated
Programmes Zero-rated
Questionnaires Standard-rated
Receipt books and forms Standard-rated
Record books Standard-rated
Record labels or sleeves Standard-rated
Registers Standard-rated
Reply-paid coupons and envelopes Standard-rated
Reproductions of paintings Standard-rated
Road maps Zero-rated
Score cards Standard-rated
Sports programmes Zero-rated
Stationery Standard-rated
Stationery books Standard-rated
Stickers Standard-rated
Swatch books Standard-rated
Swatch cards Standard-rated
Tags Standard-rated
Text books Zero-rated
Tickets Standard-rated
Time cards and sheets Standard-rated
Timetables (in book or leaflet form) Zero-rated
Toys Standard-rated
Trade catalogues Zero-rated
Trade directories Zero-rated
Transcripts Standard-rated
Vouchers Standard-rated
Wall charts Standard-rated
Wrapping paper Standard-rated


Printing Wedding Stationery

Interview with Clare Gray Designs

We had a lovely interview with Clare Gray Designs about our Wedding Stationery and what exactly is our  Hot Foil printing.

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Dynamic Featured in Bride Magazine

We were very happy to be featured in Bride Magazine showcasing our Wedding Stationery ideas. From our seeded paper to hot foiled invitations – Dynamic Print offer such a vast array of options to create the most perfect wedding.

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