Die Cut Printing

This is what makes us unique. This is really a specialism. We have been die cutting for 25 years.

It’s a growing part of our business as it’s a perfect way to enhance the printed sheet. Not EVERY printer can do this!

We are all looking at ways of standing out and being different so why not consider having your printed piece die cut?

Die cut direct mail pieces, for example, stand-out massively compared to the common A5, DL or A6 sizes.

It’s not just for leaflets and mailers though – you’ll achieve amazing results from die cut brochure covers, swing tags, posters or product packaging and even Business cards

what is die cutting?

This is the method we use to cut special shapes (IE anything other than rectangle or square). It means you can create a custom shaped direct mailer, leaflet etc. Die cutting is also what we use to create a cut-out section in the middle of a brochure cover or packaging card.


Some of the most popular custom die cut printing products have been:


  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Invites
  • Direct Mail
  • Packaging
  • Swing Tags

Die cutting is used in a wide range of printed products and a cutting forme can be made to suit. We offer a ‘dummy’ service to trial the job before we go-ahead by printing out 1 sheet to show you where the cuts and creases will be. – This has proved priceless over the years 😊

Below are some examples of our die cut projects


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