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Ellie Poo Paper - Recycled Eco Papers

Ellie Poo Paper is a groundbreaking addition to the world of eco-friendly paper products, combining sustainability with a unique twist. Made with 95% recycled paper and 5% elephant dung, this innovative paper stands out for its environmental benefits and exceptional quality. Available in a sturdy 300gsm weight, Ellie Poo Paper is not just a paper choice; it’s a statement of commitment to conservation and creative recycling.

Eco-Friendly Composition

With a blend of 95% recycled paper and 5% Ellie Poo, this paper pushes the boundaries of sustainable practices. The elephant dung is sourced ethically and processed to be completely hygienic, offering a product that's both eco-conscious and innovative.

Versatile Use

Ideal for eco-friendly wedding invitations, unique business cards, or distinctive art projects, Ellie Poo Paper offers a conversation-starting background for any high-end printed job. Its texture and composition make it a fascinating choice for those looking to blend artistry with eco-awareness.

Sustainability at Its Core

The production of Ellie Poo Paper highlights a sustainable cycle, where the daily dung of a single elephant can yield up to 115 sheets of A4 paper. This process not only recycles paper but also utilizes natural waste, reducing environmental impact.

High-Quality and Durable

Despite its unusual ingredient, Ellie Poo Paper boasts a high quality and durability, suitable for 300gsm weight applications. Its robust nature makes it perfect for a variety of uses, from artisan crafts to specialty stationery.

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