Hot Foil Printing also known as foil stamping

This is what makes us different, we have four hot foiling machines dating back to the 1950’s. They are built to last and give beautiful tactile results time after time. Having a variety of foil stamping presses gives us the ability to hot foil an extensive range of paper, card and other materials with different finishes and colours of foil.


Hot foiling can be can be used stand alone or in conjunction with other printed elements of your artwork design, to achieve the required finished effect.

We hot foil business cards, wedding stationery, book jackets, diary covers, packaging, postcards, greetings cards, letterheads and compliment slips plus much more. These are just some of the items we are asked to apply hot foil processes onto for our customers throughout the UK and into Europe. So if your project is not listed, get in touch so we can explore what we can create with you.

what is Hot Foil printing?

Foil is printed by using heat & pressure. Heat to activate a glue that’s on the back of the foil and pressure to push the foil into the sheet. Gold & silver are the most common, but we have seen a huge increase using holographic foil and customers preferring satin foil.

Benefits of Hot Foil Printing

Hot foiling by hand on traditional presses gives a timeless and elegant finish to your project. The slight depression of the foil into the paper or card feels completely different to normal printing methods that sit on the surface. Foil will help your finished piece stand out as it reflects and catches the light as it is moved.

Hot Foiling being revealed

How do I prepare my artwork?

Ideally vector eps artwork please. With a foil layer to be solid black with a visual layer to show foil printed area. All fonts converted to outlines. Please steer clear of tones and tints in the foiled artwork. They don’t produce well when foiling as the foil is a single colour. If in any doubt about the type of artwork files to supply or if you need help with the design process please email or contact us for help, hints & tips.


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