Hot Foil Printing

This is what makes us unique, we have four foiling machines dating back to the 1950’s. They are built to last and give beautiful results. These machines give us the ability to print different materials and print areas.


We can hot foil, foil emboss, blind deboss or blind emboss. For a more detailed description of the differences please see below. These finishes can be used stand alone or in conjunction with printed elements of artwork design to achieve the required finished effect.

We hot foil print, emboss and deboss invitations, business cards, wedding stationery, book jackets, diary covers, packaging, postcards, greetings cards, letterheads and compliment slips plus much more. These are just some of the items we are asked to apply hot foil processes onto for our customers throughout the UK and into Europe. So if your project is not listed do get in touch so we can confirm what we can create with you.

what is Hot Foil printing?

The hot foil process involves engraving a design onto a foil pate (also known as a foil block or die). Then, using a heat and pressure, it is stamped onto the card stock leaving the foil design with a subtle impression. Foil printing can be combined with digital printing and is available in a wide variety of colours – not just metallic. Matte, shiny or even holographic.


Foil is printed by using heat & pressure. Heat to activate a glue that’s on the back of the foil and pressure to push the foil into the sheet. In combination with the heat and pressure that is applied by hand force, the skill of our hot foil press minders ensures that exactly the right amount of foil is transferred onto the substrate being used.



Gold and silver are the most common colours selected by our customers, however there are lots of shades, satin finishes and other effect foils too. We stock foil ranges manufactured by Foilco Ltd, Leonard Kurz Ltd and Phillips Foils Ltd



Hot Foiling printing, embossing, debossing?

Every day people say they want foil embossing but often they really mean hot foiling. The image below gives you a quick look at the differences.


Hot Foiling: The foil is pressed very slightly into the face of the substrate. 

Embossing: This can be either with foil or without (blind) and the artwork is pushed up from the substrate to give a raised finish.
Debossing: Best effects are achieved blind (no foil) and the image is pushed heavily down (deeper than hot foiling) into the surface.

The benefits of Hot Foil printing?

On of the best ways to use Hot Foil printing is to use it to enhance traditional litho print or digital print. It can work best if you try to use as an accent rather than covering the job and using foil everywhere. That being said it is often only the imagination of the designer that limits what we can achieve with these processes and we have hot foiled some amazing pieces that have worked just as well full foil as a mix of foil and print.


Dynamic Print have been foil printing in Norwich since 1990. We foil print for the trade and end users. Foil printing is the best way to enhance both litho and digital printing if you want to raise the bar and stand out from others and your competition.

Fancy Foil Printing?

Fancy a morning learning the tricks of the trade of digital printing, hot foiling, embossing, debossing and die cutting? When things are back to normal we will be offering monthly work shops on how to do just that. Using technology dating backs to the 1950’s we can show you how to hot foil – emboss – die cut and deboss why not email us for more details

How do I prepare my artwork?

Ideally vector eps artwork please. With a foil layer to be solid black with a visual layer to show foil printed area. All fonts converted to outlines. Please steer clear of tones and tints in the foiled artwork. They don’t produce well when foiling as the foil is a single colour. If in any doubt about the type of artwork files to supply or if you need help with the design process please email or contact us for help, hints & tips.

Gilt Edging

Gilt Edging, which is sometimes called Edge Gilding, is a process of applying a foil to the edges of your invitations, business cards, letterheads, stationery or books. We can also use a selection of inks to paint a non metallic colour if your project requires it.



Typically we offer this service in gold or silver foil, although our experts can foil any colour from our stock range. The addition of gilt edging adds an especially luxurious finish to the project.


A gilt edge is the finishing touch on your printed masterpiece. There’s no limit to the thickness of card either, the thicker it is, the more effective it is!



The process of gilt or colour edging is relatively simple, but requires a huge amount of skill and experience.

The card is clamped tightly, the edges sanded down until they are completely smooth and the foil or ink colour is applied to the edges. Invitations can have a bevelled edge, and any invites that are larger than A6 size can also have rounded corners.



Adding gilt edged metallic or satin foil to your business cards gives the ultimate finish to your first business impression.


Whether foiled or printed for the main elements of the invitation, adding a metallic or matt colour gilt edging can make them extra special.


We can gilt edge in many colours other than metallics, to achieve the right match for your artwork.

Request your free sample pack

For you to see the quality of our work we are happy to send you a sample pack containing a selection of our luxury print projects. It is completely free, so you see and feel the tactile nature of some of our most popular materials, finishes and products.


If you have a particular foil, card or colour preference just let us know along with the type of project you are creating and we will do the rest.


Sample packs are dispatched asap and we aim to have you receive them within 48 hours of your request.


    If you’d like some help, advice or need some further information about our Gilt Edging service please contact us. By phone, email or fill in your details and we’ll get back to you asap.




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