Envelopes Printing

Glossary of Envelope Terms

Why we think choosing the right envelope is sometimes more important than what is actually in it.

Envelopes as far as we are concerned are one of the most important part of your print project, Why? Because it is generally the first thing your customer will see when it arrives on their doorstep.

Extensive research over the years has shown that using a coloured or textured envelope, personalised, hot foiled or debossed envelope will get you and your company noticed,.

The research has shown that the end user will engage with the product inside the envelope much longer than if it had arrived in a standard white or brown envelope. Think about how you feel when you have had a hand written letter arrive or a bright coloured envelope sat on your mat waiting to greet you. We cannot wait to open it to see whats inside. Lets face it, better than finding a bill or hospital letter ????

Envelopes can come in so many different shapes, sizes & finishes that it can be rather confusing, to know which envelope is best suited to your project, for instance, if your brochure weighs over 200gsms we may want to consider a hard backed envelope ..

Some of the terminology is confusing for instance do you know the difference between a gusset or a banker? A peel & seal or a self seal?

Click here to read our Glossary of Envelope Terms

Final points to think about, by choosing the right envelope you will always make a good first impression and lets face it first impressions count more nowadays than ever.

Make the envelope look too important to just throw away and disgard

By choosing the right envelope it can say an awful lot about your company it can demonstrate your concerns for the environment to using coloured envelopes to play on human curiosity.

It is proven a distinctive envelope can increase your mailing success by up to 40%.

Statistics show that a stylish coloured envelope is 9 times more likely to be opened than a bland white or manilla one

70% of mail is generally opened up over the bin – make sure your leaflet is not one that is thrown before even opened.