Seeded Paper Printing

Seeded paper is a new & exciting way to creative various print projects that stands out from the crowd from having your wedding invitations printed to corporate menus or even your name badges for an Event. Once used they can then be up-cycled by planting and watching  your printed invite grow.

We can print or die cut our Seeded Paper so the possibilities are endless.

We also offer a range of die cut shapes, ideal for card making or gift tags, for example Leaves, Spades, Butterflies and Love Hearts.


what is Seeded Paper?

Seeded paper is literally paper with seeds embedded into it.

Using a combination of recycled paper, cotton fibres and wild flower seeds (especially chosen to attract the bees) the paper is hand made using a twin wire machine.

Due to the to the fact that it is hand made, the paper will vary from sheet to sheet.

When the paper is soaked and then placed in soil, within 7–10 days the paper will germinate and sprouting seedlings will appear. Eventually the paper decomposes and leaves the seedlings to grow into mature plants.

This Paper can only be printed on 1 side ONLY

We also offer a Cosmetic Seeded paper made with Grass Seeds embedded this can be printed on both sides but is harder to germinate 

Watch Our Seeded Paper Grow

We absolutely love our seeded paper and it’s always so impressive to see it go from a sheet of paper to beautiful flowers.


Please view our gallery to see the step by step process of how our seeded paper grows.


Scroll to see the various different wild flowers in the paper , for these results please plant between May and September.

Planting Instructions

As with all seeds, whether from a packet or embedded in paper, it is important to follow the planting instructions to achieve the best germination rate.

1. Soak the seeded paper in water overnight to allow the seeds to swell and aid germination.

2. Cover with a thin layer of quality potting compost and spray to keep moist every day until the seedlings are established, ensuring the soil does not dry out.

3. Germination time is approximately 7 to 10 days and if planting outdoors best time to sow is from late spring to avoid any frosts and ideal conditions are in a greenhouse.

4. Can be planted indoors or outdoors, remembering to keep moist at all times.

Flower Mix

Our seeded paper contains a mix of the following wild flowers:


  • Catchfly
  • English Daisy
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Spurred Snapdragon
  • Corn Poppy (red & pink)
  • Black Eyed Susan

Request your free sample pack

For you to see the quality of our work we are happy to send you a sample pack containing a selection of our luxury print projects. It is completely free, so you see and feel the tactile nature of some of our most popular materials, finishes and products.


If you have a particular foil, card or colour preference just let us know along with the type of project you are creating and we will do the rest.


Sample packs are dispatched asap and we aim to have you receive them within 48 hours of your request.


Please be aware these are only available for delivery in the UK.


    If you’d like to get in touch and enquire about our Plantable Seeded Paper just fill in the form and we’ll get back to you asap.




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