The Benefits of Putting Pen to Paper

Writing a Letter

Giving the new times we live in, sending a letter or a chosen card is a genuine way of giving sincere thought to our communications and a personal touch, especially when so many of us can not meet in person. Whilst technology affords us a good number of ways to stay in instant contact, there is still something special about taking the time to hand write your message. It is also heart warming to receive this style of correspondence, as a contrast to the constant flow of digital information that can seem overwhelming at times.

Recent research from the Royal Mail has found a significant increase in letter writing since the beginning of the pandemic and found that 74% of people experienced a positive effect on their mental health from the experience. The benefits are shared by the recipient, there is a sense of excitement and gratitude that someone has taken the time and trouble to sit down and write to them, instead of firing off a quick message on their mobile.

As we evolve further into our automated futures there is still place for hand written thoughts and feelings to sit alongside our other modern forms of communication.

The next time you have a message to send to a close friend or family member consider doing it with a letter or card and discover the positive outcomes it brings.


For those wanting to take the written word to a new level, the visual art of Calligraphy is a great way to enjoy not just the words but the materials we use to create the letters. From the types of pens, inks, papers and cards there is an infinite number of combinations to explore. You can use an established font or dream up your own unique style.

Whilst the roots of Calligraphy are ancient they sit nicely alongside modern technology. The internet provides us all with access to a plentiful source of learning and demonstrations from people all over the world, who love to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for the art form.

Colouring in

Whether you are 4 or 44 or 84 colouring in can be relaxing, the type and intricacy of the patterns we colour may change over time but the joy can be constant. It is a personal and relaxing way to switch off and focus on the task in hand. It can boost your mood and when you are done it provides a satisfying and physical reminder of what you have taken your time doing.

Writing a Diary or Journal

How about writing down your thoughts or feelings? Either of these written forms of recording our lives can bring great comfort when dealing with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Downloading your thoughts on paper can help you gain perspective and control, enabling you to focus on what really matters both in your past, present and future. Taking the few minutes each day to do this can bring real benefits for many people.


The ancient art of paper folding can be difficult to master but extremely rewarding. Although as children many of us made paper aeroplanes to launch from the back of the classroom or paper boats to float in the bath!

Beyond these designs there is an infinite number of folds and designs to master and even the associated art of Kirigami, which also incorporates cuts in the paper.

These are again ancient arts that with the help of modern technology are more in reach of everyone than ever before. Dive down the rabbit hole on youtube and you will be making more than just paper rabbits very quickly!!


This is another technique that many of us left behind in our early years. However it is surprising how much fun it can be and the level of finished effect that can be achieved when returning to it as an adult. Alternatively it is a great way to spend time with the young ones in your family, after all what child will not enjoy making a mess with paste and then decorating it once dried!

All you need is torn up paper and a paste mix and of course and an area to work. Along with some paints to complete your masterpiece.

You could try blowing up a balloon and covering in layers, then decorate with a face once dried. Or, for a more complex project, you could create bowls, animals, castles, cars… the possibilities are endless and a google search of paper-mache images will give you all the inspiration you could need!