Vellum paper, also known as Translucent or Parchment paper, is a unique and extremely luxurious way to distinguish your Wedding Stationery.

Whether it be as a highlight element or throughout the set, Vellum works perfectly for Wedding Invitations, Stationery Set Wraps, Menus, Place Names, Information Sheets, RSVPS’s, Belly Bands, Favour Bands, Cover Layers or any other bespoke design, adding a special finish to your stationery.

As a paper its frosty opaqueness lends itself to being used in tandem with other printed pieces, for example as an overlay page. Or with the addition of Hot Foiling, with or without a printed design also.

For a luxe finish it is perfect as a wrap for your stationery set, which we can provide with your design added or plain. Cut to size and if required pre creased to your exact dimensions.

Using Vellum in combination with coloured cards creates a stunning layered visual effect, with a reveal of the full colour and design when your guests first look through and then inside the Vellum cover.

Vellum is available in a variety of weights, ranging from 110gsm to 220gsm. By its nature it is designed for single side use, as any design will be visible from the reverse side.

Some customers decide to print in black only, often if there will be further processes such as Hot Foiling applied to complement the Print. It is though equally beautiful with full colour designs, with the consideration that the frosted appearance of the paper lends itself to softer colours and tones.

Why not try adding a floral, watercolour, marble or motif design as a stand out Vellum piece or theme throughout your stationery.


Or use the vellum as a belly band to wrap your invitations  the possibilities are endless 

Vellum Gold Foil Invitation

Hot Foiled Vellum Invitation

Hot foiling can be used to add a luxurious touch to your invitations in conjunction with printed designs, or the whole artwork can be foiled.

Belly Band Vellum Foiled

A delicate way to wrap your wedding stationery together is the use of a vellum printed or hot foiled belly band. Using vellum adds a touch of class & style to your invitations.

Digitally printed vellum invite

Printed designs, in subtle blacks and greys or full colour designs complement Vellum beautifully.



Vellum Overlays or Vellum  Wraps create a luxurious additional layer to any Wedding Invitations. They complement printed artwork & bring the designs to life in a modern, subtle way.


Vellum is a see through Paper made traditionally from calfskin but nowadays made from cellulose paper fibres

Vellum can also be used in various ways from Belly Bands to overlays and wraps ..


Our vellum comes in weights of 110gsm and 220gsm 


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