Vellum paper, also known as Translucent or Parchment paper, is a unique and extremely luxurious way to distinguish your Wedding Stationery.

Whether it be as a highlight element or throughout the set, Vellum works perfectly for Wedding Invitations, Stationery Set Wraps, Menus, Place Names, Information Sheets, RSVPS’s, Belly Bands, Favour Bands, Cover Layers or any other bespoke design, adding a special finish to your stationery.

As a paper its frosty opaqueness lends itself to being used in tandem with other printed pieces, for example as an overlay page. Or with the addition of Hot Foiling, with or without a printed design also.

For a luxe finish it is perfect as a wrap for your stationery set, which we can provide with your design added or plain. Cut to size and if required pre creased to your exact dimensions.

Using Vellum in combination with coloured cards creates a stunning layered visual effect, with a reveal of the full colour and design when your guests first look through and then inside the Vellum cover.

The traditional choice for Wedding Stationery has been heavier weights of card from 300gsm upwards, to achieve the desired quality and premium feel. However an exception to this rule is the use of Vellum paper. The translucent and opaque elegance of Vellum maintains the luxe and tactile feel of card, with an added delicacy that complements designs perfectly.


We print, foil, cut and crease Vellum in weights from 110gsm to 200gsm (grams per square metre). One of the key properties of this type of paper is its strength comparable to card of heavier weights. Also Vellum is much tougher and tear resistant than papers of similar gsm, making it ideal for invites and other uses.

It is possible to print your designs in black or full colour and the results are stunning. Due to the opaqueness of vellum it is best suited to colours that are softer rather than bright solids. It is perfect for floral, watercolour or pastel artwork. If you do not have your designs ready for printing we offer a full graphic design service to help you bring your ideas to life. For examples of our work please the gallery below or click here.

Using our traditional hand hot foiling machines we are able to create beautiful results using Hot Foiling onto Vellum. Often we create the printed part of a design first then apply hot foil as a second process to provide highlights to the invitation or other piece, in the same way you would when designing were a traditional weight card be used. Our most popular hot foil colours Rose Gold, Gold or Silver on Vellum, however we can foil in many different colours to meet your requirements. For ideas you can visit to see the full range. For samples of our work click here.

Wedding Invitations are very popular, yet there are numerous other parts of the wedding stationery set it can be an excellent choice for. These include the list below although you are limited only by your imagination:

    Vellum Wedding Invites
  • Vellum Envelopes
  • Vellum Stationery Set Wraps
  • Vellum Belly Bands
  • Vellum Information or Details pages
  • Vellum Name Cards or Place Cards
  • Vellum Overlay or Cover Layers for Invitations, RSVP or Thank You Cards

Depending on how many items you are wrapping, it may be best to have creases put into the vellum rather than just wrapping and securing. As a rule of thumb wraps tend to work better with creases if there are multiple items being wrapped. Whilst Belly Bands can normally be pulled tight and secured without the need for creases. We have specific finishing equipment that places creases accurately as required and we can discuss your specific design requirements to ensure a professional finish.

There are many ways to secure Translucent around other items of Wedding Stationery, these include:

  • Using an adhesive or tape at the back, for example Glue Dots, Glue Stick, Double Sided Tape or ATG Tape.
  • Wax Seals to join the overlap, at the front.
  • Leaving the wrap unsealed, using the creases we are create for you. This can help the wrap lay neatly around the inserts and meet in the middle or if preferred form an overlap, when it is preferred not to seal the Vellum.

If you are using it as a cover piece and would like it to be attached to the card behind, for example an A6 foiled vellum message over a printed thank you card photograph of the bride & groom, a good option is to use a rivet at the top centre or corner. This keeps the two pieces together for presentation but allows the Vellum to be moved aside to see the photograph underneath.


Vellum paper is often also referred to as Parchment paper or Translucent paper. So that you can be sure the Vellum we use is right for your designs we offer free samples, please contact us for more information.

Vellum 110gsm printed green floral wraps


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