Sustainable Papers

At Dynamic Print we always seek to use and guide our customers towards deciding to use the most sustainable paper and card options for their print projects.

Working closely with the paper mills and the paper merchants we stay informed and aware of all the developments within the industry. The attached article from one of them, Antalis, is a very interesting read all about sustainable papers.

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Packaging Materials: Reuse & Recycle

In ever increasing numbers the things we all receive arrive in a cardboard box. Which all adds up to a lot of boxes!!

Whilst cardboard is extremely recyclable and great for composting, it still makes sense to whenever possible reuse a box before reaching for a first use one from you packaging store. Provided the box is in good condition there is no reason it should not be employed in a secondary delivery or beyond.

We recommend avoiding heavily damaged or torn boxes, as these will have reduced structural integrity and in turn may not protect your goods fully (these are best placed in the recycling system). It is also a good idea to remove all shipping labels from prior use, to avoid any confusion when you dispatch again.

Reusing is not just about doing what is right for the planet from an eco friendly point of view, it also saves your business time and money. Boxes are expensive and they normally need to be assembled from flat pack, so every time you reuse a perfectly sound piece of packaging you are contributing to saving the planet and your finances!

Within our own businesses, Dynamic Print and we receive all shapes and sizes of packaging daily. As a team we take great pride and enjoyment in reusing as much as possible and we have a label that we affix to boxes that are reused, to let our customers know why the box they receive may not be in pristine cosmetic appearance. That said it will always be packaged extremely carefully to ensure goods arrive in perfect condition.

We find the label helps customers appreciate and understand why we do not always use a fresh box and we have found most completely agree and support the policy.

If you require a standard or bespoke branded version of these labels please contact us at to discuss your requirement.