A visit from Norfolk Wildlife Trust at Eco Flower Supplies

At the peak of Lockdown 2020, we decided to take on the challenge of re-wilding our disused industrial estate garden behind our office unit, being South facing we knew this would give us a great opportunity of growing fruit and vegetables. After three years of getting stuck in with our green fingers we all now have a thriving Wildlife garden, full of various birds, bees, insects and more recently wild rabbits and a hedgehog came in to visit.

Our Industrial estate garden has attracted lots of attention from many different organisations, and more recently we have had the pleasure of hosting the team from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, We took them on the journey around the garden highlighting the parts we have developed and changed to include our new pond area and they especially loved our flower patches which has been grown from our paper made from wildflower seeds, recycled paper & cotton and showed them how we have changed the way we thought about how we can encourage the pollinators to enjoy our space, which includes planting certain vegetables, various fruit trees and to include an upcycled pallet for a compost heap.

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust gave us some great feedback following their visit and we are proud to have our efforts recognised by their organisation.

They wrote,

“A massive thank you to you and your lovely colleague, Mark, who showed us around the garden and print workshop. I can safely say that you blew us all away!

Your wildlife garden is a total surprise when coming in from the industrial estate and it is full of interest and colour.

Then the breadth and innovation of your print service , – a world I knew nothing about, but absolutely fascinating. It’s so inspiring to hear of all of the ways you are helping the environment.
– it’s wonderful to think that small businesses like yours are leading the way, not for profit but because it’s the right thing to do.”

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust has since come back to work with us in a new pilot scheme of rewilding other business industrial estate gardens on the North Norwich Estate.

Please watch this space …


Business Climate Stories with Norwich Theatre and Norwich Playhouse.

In a world where the urgency of climate change cannot be overstated, it’s essential that we take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future. We are pleased to share that our founder, Sarah Smith was recently invited to attend a panel discussion on Business Climate Climate Stories hosted by Norwich Theatre at The Norwich Playhouse.

The event featured passionate local business owners taking part in panel discussions sharing their journeys towards reducing their carbon footprint and combating climate change. The event not only shed light on the critical impacts that businesses can have on our environment but also highlighted the innovative and impactful strategies these leaders are employing to make a difference.

The event was spearheaded by Asher Minns Executive Director at the Tyndall Centre of the University of East Anglia, where he guided the audience through three insightful panels featuring speakers from across the Norwich business landscape.

Our Founder Sarah sat on a panel with Fran Ellington from TBLA Ltd, Edward Reed from Cornwall Insight and Rebekah Hill at Saxon Air Ltd. The panels covered three key topics; Business, Future and People.

Sarah discussed where she is at now with Dynamic Print & Eco Flower Supplies and our current sustainability efforts, this included taking the audience on our journey of transforming our industrial estate unit space into a haven for wildlife and to encourage biodiversity in the area, as well as sustainability swaps that we have made and our plans for the future.

Dynamic have also invested into a new Cardboard shredding machine which has eliminated bubble wrap and instead of paper going into landfill we have used this material into upcycled paper pads.

Sarah Smith says:
It is time to act now, climate change is not going away, let’s stop talking and let’s start doing !

To find out more about our sustainability papers visit our website here.



Dynamic Print and Eco Flowers: Let The Paper do the Talking Swatch

It’s no secret that at both Dynamic Print and Eco Flower Supplies we love everything paper, recycling it and repurposing it anywhere we can!

Besides our usual paper talk and the amazing print productions we can provide, we rarely shout about the range of unique papers that we can transform into almost anything your business heart desires. You have probably heard of our flower-seeded paper, which is much-loved with florists, but you may be intrigued to know that we have papers, made with seaweed, coffee waste and even elephant poo!

This is where we introduce our new paper swatch which details our extensive range of unique papers, all designed to reduce waste wherever possible and provide interesting sustainable paper options to promote your business.

Our Managing Director is pleased to share her thoughts on our new paper swatch:

It has taking 35 years of paper knowledge to bring my very own upcycled and recycled paper swatch highlighting various papers made from the waste of the coffee husk, Elephant dung, post consumer waste and Confetti. A great way of engaging customers when handing over your new business card or leaflet, can you imagine the conversation, your leaflet is made out of elephant poo ??

Let the paper do the talking, what’s in the swatch?

Seaweed Paper:
Entirely natural, free from additives, can be recycled and it’s biodegradable
Contains: 30% Seaweed and 70% F.S.C Paper

Particles of Sunshine:
Made from 100% post-consumer waste, leaves beautiful tiny gold flecks in the card
Contains: 100% Post Consumer Waste.

Ellie Poo:
Handmade in the UK using recycled paper and elephant poo waste from Whipsnade Zoo
Contains: 95% Recycled Paper and 5% Ellie Poo

Explore the rest of our paper swatch and discover our other exciting papers here. eco-papers


Dynamic Print is awarded the title “Three Best Rated Printer” for the 5th year running!

We are delighted to announce that our sister company Dynamic Print and our team have recently been recognised and awarded the title of one of our fine city’s Top 3 Printing Companies by ThreeBestRated!

ThreeBestRated have said;
“Our business analyst team is impressed by the consistent high-quality service you provide in your area of business. They have thoroughly evaluated and updated your business based on our rigorous 50-Point Inspect”

Here are some of the key factors that contribute to winning an award for multiple times

You must demonstrate outstanding performance, quality or innovation.
The ability to adapt to changing circumstances
Customer satisfaction
Community Engagement
Industry Leadership

Our Managing Director, Sarah received the good news last week and gives her thoughts on what it means for the business to be recognised amongst the best in the Print industry for our city of Norwich.

I am so excited to be recognised for the 5th year running as one of Norwich’s Three’s Best Rated Printers, I love meeting new clients and taking time to understand how they envisage their end design looking once printed. It’s the highlight of my day when they come and see the finished results and the smile on their faces says it all.