The Language of Paper

We all know about the language and messages that flowers can bring: roses for love, lilies for sorrow, sunflowers for optimism and so on. The florist’s art is demonstrated by combining the colours, fragrances and textures to deliver a complex message of thoughtfulness and care from the giver to the recipient.

However, a bouquet or floral gift comprises more than the arrangement of beautiful flowers and foliage. Packaging and presentation are enormously important too. In this age of online gift flowers from Amazon, M&S and others, hands-on florists need to ensure that their offering shouts quality and individualism from the moment it is received.

The fact is that those who give and receive flowers usually care about the natural environment. The sustainability and mileage of the flowers in the bouquet will matter to most people. This gives the florist a unique opportunity to promote their services on an eco-platform. Using environmentally sustainable packaging and presentation products may provide the USP needed to differentiate the florist shop from the online magnates.

Paper and card have their own language and are as important to enhance beautiful flowers as eucalyptus or ivy. There’s a huge range of paper-based products that can be used. Boxes for arrangements are now commonplace for presenting an arrangement: the quality and texture of your card and the colours you use will become an integral part of the message being conveyed and set the tone of the arrangement: modern, rustic, classic or natural.

Eco Paper Flower Sleeves are a relatively new addition to the florist’s toolkit. Eco Flower Supplies are a part of Dynamic Print: we’ve been offering paper sleeves since 2018. They are made from UK-sourced die cut 90gsm Kraft paper which is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable – and they have a natural, soft look that can enhance any style of arrangement.

The important message here is that packaging and presentation should never be an afterthought for any business. In the world of floristry eco-friendly presentation products can set the independent apart from the heavyweight brands, build reputations and get the markets talking.