Three Best Rated

At Dynamic Print we were thrilled to be awarded for the 4th consecutive year The Three Best Rated Printer in our area.

Three best rated (uk) was created back in 2014 with a simple goal to find the top 3 tradesmen such as professionals, restaurants, health care providers etc in key towns/cities. They simply check the top 3 companies, by checking reviews, reputation, history, trust etc using a 50-point inspection system which uses indicators to pinpoint the best of the best.

Three best rated use 50% algorithm ( by running a computer programme ) and 50% human employees to help mark each company with a score. First the algorithm will run its magic and create a score, then their employees will meticulously go through every category to ensure that the algorithm was accurate.

Here are some of the categories that are scored and looked at.

History, how long has Dynamic Print been trading for ?

Exact services – are we clear with what we are offering ?

Is it clear what we are Speciaists in ?

Do we have a good reputation ?

Have we got clear images to show case our pdrocuts ?

Opening hours – whether we offer phone calls, Zoom meetings etc

Social Media – do we have a social media presence

Website – is this regularly updated with blogs and photos – does it have sub-categories showing relevant information of products

Awards – have we had any endoresements and honors

Finally Complaint handling – of course very now and again you will get a complaint about a business but it is how you resolved that matters.

To be part of this community helping over 4.5 million customers per month